Reasons Why Gambling Is Banned in Some Places

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The rules and regulations have changed over the years, but not everywhere. In this article, we will be discussing where gambling is banned, along with the reasons why.

Casinos and gambling are still frowned upon by many countries and cultures. Some people find gambling foolish and wasteful, while some have known it to be a sin with their religion.

Countries Where Gambling is Banned

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Laws are often changed, and gambling is known to be the cause of many law impositions. The countries where gambling is illegal are the United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Cambodia, North Korea, Japan, Singapore, Cyprus, Qatar, Lebanon, and Poland.

You will notice that most Islamic countries have banned gambling. Some of the mentioned countries have control over their nation’s gambling. Usually, they will permit one physical establishment and one online casino for gambling with close monitoring.

Their reasons are quite related and similar. They are concerned with the wellbeing of their people since gambling is a form of addiction. Gambling also increases crime rates, and some government units try to avoid that.

Culture has a huge impact and influence on the laws these countries implemented. Religion and superstitions play a role, while some are slowly opening their gates to the idea that gambling is an acceptable form of entertainment.

Getting Away With Gambling

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People get away with gambling, but with an underlying risk. Most places where gambling is banned have created underground scenes so they can enjoy playing their games.

Underground gambling is not allowed, and they are bound to face the consequences once they get caught. People resort to using online platforms to do so, or go the extra mile and ride ferries and travel to international waters where gambling is legal.

Most countries have made gambling illegal, but they do not require visiting tourists to follow the mentioned laws. This piece of information means that anyone can enjoy gambling when traveling. This has caused people to go to Las Vegas in the US or Macau in Asia for them to gamble.


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It's interesting what factors affect the decisions of national governments to ban gambling. There is still a massive percentage of the human population that enjoy gambling, and we won't be surprised if these laws will be changed in the future.

You always have the means to play their favorite games, but we suggest that you research before making decisions. The last thing you want is to get arrested.

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