Casino Industry: The Top Gambling Countries

blog post - Top Gambling Countries

The industry of gambling has been around for centuries, and won't be going anywhere anytime soon. With casinos opening up everywhere, and online casinos available for everyone's gaming pleasure, we are rounding up the top gambling countries. We will be discussing how they were ranked and what they love about gambling.

Top Gambling Countries in the World

top gambling countries

  1. Australia – Many people call them the “gambler's paradise” because of all the different entertainment they provide. From slot games, lotteries, roulette, and more. Australia has a no-tax-on-winning policy, and that is what makes people coming back for more.
  2. Singapore – Gambling is illegal in Singapore, so it is quite ironic to learn that they are second. They allow some establishment to operate, and the government Is strict with monitoring. The average cost of gambling in Singapore is about 1100USD, and players need to have a large budget, or they won't be allowed to enter.
  3. Ireland – The online casinos are getting popular, and they were a hit in Ireland when they first came out. They enjoy playing traditional casino games, but what they love more is greyhound racing. They have a massive market for the races.
  4. Canada – Canada's citizens, has gambling freedom, and almost 75% of their population has participated in the form of gambling. Canadians love playing the lottery as well as scratch and win. This love even led the government to discourage it.
  5. Finland – The minimum age for gambling in the country is 18 years, 15 years before. The state did this to discourage young people from gambling. Still, 41% of the adult population in Finland gambles weekly.

Game Preferences

top gambling countries game

Traditional games such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, are always loved and played no matter which country we go to. But it is evident that people have different preferences, like the Americans' love for Slot machines, the Europeans love for table games, Ireland's greyhound racing, etc. There are various forms of gambling, and we can only assume that culture is an essential factor in these preferences.


top gambling countries conclusion

Other countries with a high gambling rate are Italy, Hong Kong, Norway, Greece, Spain, and India.

People go to great lengths and evil travel worldwide to visit luxurious casino establishments, and we can understand why.

Gambling is an excellent entertainment source, as long as it is done in moderation and with control.

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