Xmas 3×3

One of the best Christmas albums ever is the full-length Believe from 33Miles. Released separately, the CD can be purchased at digital retailers. It will also be available at retail outlets with Today. The album features holiday classics, as well as original tunes. This album first appeared only at Family Christian Stores last year. For fans of Christmas music, the release of this album is a great way to get in the mood for the season.

Xmas 33 is a love story between a food writer and her biggest fan, who wants to celebrate Christmas at her home. Another comedy is about a woman who is trying to save her family farm by calling her country music star ex-boyfriend to help her sing at a holiday concert fundraiser. A romantic comedy, this film is sure to make you smile, and if you’re looking for something different than the usual Christmas comedy, this is the movie for you!

Another Christmas movie that’s sure to warm your heart is Bridget Jones’s Diary. Starring Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, and Renee Zellweger, this holiday classic has one of the best first kiss scenes of all time. The story follows an introverted woman on her final holiday, trying to save the family farm. While trying to find a new job, she runs into her ex-boyfriend, who happens to be a country music star. This holiday film is full of humor, romance, and a little bit of cuteness.

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