Weekend in vegas

Weekend in Vegas is a high-energy slot game with 3 stacked reels. These reels have different icons that represent various casino characters. Each character offers a different experience in the bonus round. For example, Loony Larry will bet his entire bank account on one hand, but he rarely wins. The Balanced Ben on the other hand is a numbers guy, and he’s cautious at times but aggressive at others.

To play Weekend in Vegas, you must download the free Flash Player and activate your browser’s Flash Player. You can select the size of coins per line. Alternatively, you can choose the maximum bet you’re willing to wager. While playing Weekend in Vegas, you can adjust the size of your bet with the “Bet Level +/-” feature. Once you’re ready, hit “Spin” to set the reels in motion. You can also select the “Autoplay” option to have the game automatically turn the reels. A wild symbol is a substitute for any other icon, except for the scatter symbol.

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